Make Some Noise

23.10.2017 ~ 27.10.2017

– Make Some Noise Overview

  • This brief project is an introduction to the implementation of sound within Processing. Students are expected to explore the sound capabilities of the software to produce a sound work. This can be either generative (changes over time on its own) or interactive (dependant upon user interaction), or perhaps a mix of both.
  • The emphasis here is on sound so graphics are not important. This is not to be a sound visualiser – rather of a sound generator. Responses could range from interactive mixers to generative instruments. A possible pathway for this project is to implement sound within an existing visual Processing sketch which you have previously created – to enhance and augment user experience.


The ‘Make Some Noise’ project is a week project. This project like a workshop because of just a week project.


– On Monday, tutor explained the project outline. This project topic is to learn how to use and control sound using processing. It covers from loading sound files using processing to controlling sound using a mouse or keyboard.

In addition, this project was not sound visualization, so I had to focus on various sound changes and effects rather than visual parts. For example, sound delay effects or mixes.

And while I was working on this project, tutor introduced some good programs to use editing sounds. It is called Adobe Audition CC, this program’s interface was intuitive and easy to use. And tutor said, saving sound file format is also important as much as editing. Tutor recommended us to save the sample rate for 44.1KHz and file extension to 16bit and .wav file.

When I work, tutor recommended to us a good site to get sound files or sound effects files – like as Finally, I added a sound library to enable sound processing in Processing. And alternatively, tutor said I can use Max Msp programme instead of Processing. Cause they have a more powerful library.



– Today, tutor wrote and explained the code on the big screen with stereo speakers. It was a way of letting different sounds come out of different direction speakers (using stereo sound), and a sound deformation by moving the mouse using Map function and how to load multiple sound files using arrays.

After tutor loaded the sound file using the array and made a simple instrument using the keyboard and then tutor teach how to use Switch Case statement. Tutor also used the Distance function to change the sound size from a certain point to the distance of the mouse, and to make the sound louder by using the delay function.

Finally, this project’s explanation and lecture are over.


– This concludes the lecture of this project. After that I have a tutorial scheduled for the 26th, but the studio was busy because of the Open Day, so it was skipped.



In this project, I made three outputs. I worked with the sounds of ‘water flow’ and ‘instruments’ such as a sound of rain, drop of water, etc …

The first work was to load different sounds on the left and right sides of the mouse, and then when I clicked on a black background that create a water afterimage with sound. Each time you press, a random sound is called to make a different sound.


The second work was to cut the geomungo sounds one by one and place one sound per one computer keyboard. And every time I press it like a string of the geomungo, white line appears and sound played.


The third work was to press the button on the background of my favorite movie called ‘The Garden of Words’ to stop the rain and press it again to make rain again and make a sound.


I think this was a great opportunity to learn about interactive sound work and create an easy example.


Thank you for reading my blog 🙂


The Glasgow school of Art

Interaction Design Year 2

YongWon Choi



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