Day 3 – Central Station & Studio Practice

I had to arrive the main station by 10 o’clock to carry out a group work. I have arrived little earlier than the appointment time. And when become a 10 o’clock I walked around the station as soon as I promised yesterday, expressing what I saw and felt as a drawing.

I used various methods to express various topics in the station, such as correlation between people and sounds, types of trains, announcements, reinforcing bars to support the roof, in the station which kinds of colour tone clothes people mainly wore, shape of tiles etc.

We met and exchanged opinions at 10:30 am under a big clock in the Central station. What individually saw in the station for 30 minutes. After sharing the opinions, I observed the entire station and recorded 30 minutes more, because just 30 minutes observation was not enough to record all of things and impossible to find details in the Central station.

At about 11 o’clock, after observing the station, I took a break and decided to meet in the studio around one o’clock. Because we must be compared against each other observation. After I take leave of other group members, I went back to the studio with Hana in the same group.

In the studio, I just talked about how to organize individual work of observation and how to make the outcome. After talked that I ate lunch in the school cafeteria and came back to the studio.

In the afternoon, we had time to announce about the stations observed in the morning with personal views. We talked about what was interested or intensively observing in the Central station. We talked about what individually interested in or focused on. If there was anything recorded using photographs, images, and recordings, it showed to everyone and helped understanding of each other’s point of view.

Our next task was how to synthesize the different points of view of each other. There was opinion to make timeline, and try to do mapping. As a result, we proceeded to mix of them.

At the end of discussions, we decided to draw a station map on a large-size paper and then work on it. The details will likely be decided after further discussion tomorrow. In addition, we asked the tutor about the submission of the results, and it was whether the data used in the presentation and the data in the final submission were the same.

It was my judgment that drawing maps would be a little better than the other group members. So, I said I try to do it alone, but it would have been impossible without Hana’s help. Hana finished work more efficiently and reasonably than my method.

However, drawing to the map was not finished yet. I need to go to the studio tomorrow morning to reinforce it because today we only finished the basic frame for the map. Because, tomorrow third year have Foci Lecture in the morning.

I will buy a thick pen and put a line over it. The reason for using the liner is to simply increase the visibility of the map. I think I should check in tomorrow morning to see school art supply shop they have thick pen and another materials.



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