Day 4 – Studio Practice and Mapping & Projection Mapping

I got up at 8 o’clock this morning and ready to go to the studio. But before I went to the studio, I went to the school art supply shop and bought liners, tapes and makers. Then I went to the school cafeteria bought bread and coffee for breakfast. I arrived at the studio about 9:20 when I have arrived at that time nobody stay in the studio except tutors.

I ate breakfast and even painted the map. I sketched the inside of the map more detail and increase the visibility of map using by markers and liners. Our group members arrived well after the passing of ten o’clock.

I continuously drew a map…………………………

While I was on the drawing a line with the liner, the tutor came to our group and we have a short tutorial. Tutor asked one by one where you were impressed with the ‘Central Station’ we observed yesterday, why we chose that place and why your group outcome made by mapping etc.?

We were impressed by the fact that the people in the station were quieter than we thought and they hardly talked to each other. However, Suddenly, Tutor asked me about people’s perceptions of groups and individuals that Koreans think.
I was embarrassed because I was concentrating on picking up the line as a liner without concentrating on the conversation between another student and tutor. Maybe… the purpose of the question is, “Are there differences of opinion or thinking about individuals and groups in East and West?” I guess. And I answered based on my personal knowledge and experiences.

The next task was ‘Mapping’ that is we draw somethings using by various ways. We did marking at the places where we observed. We also wrote the name of the shops, drawn the route we walked in the Central Station, cut the drawing and stick on the map etc. In that process, we try to use various kind of materials such as colored pencils, crayons, ballpoint pens, collages, markers, paint, and so on. The picture below is the ‘Mapping’ we worked on.


Everyone was working on it and we prepared for the presentation tomorrow. Each group have 10 minutes for speaking about their work and every group members should talk more than a minute it was essential. In addition, the presentation should include the introduction, the main body, and conclusion.

In the introduction need to contain why we start, what is properties of monumental places, what we discussed and why we choose ‘Central station’.

‘The main body’ is the time for presentation of the individual group member. I need to go home today and create a presentation page for what I will say tomorrow individual presentation time. The own presentation page need to contain what is my provocation, how to approach this project and what conclusion surprised me or learn.

In the conclusion, we learned about ourselves while interacting with the group through this project. We wrote the contents of the presentation and asked what each group member would like to present at the personal presentation time. We will talk more about the details of presentation on tomorrow morning.

However, the mapping was still poor quality, we filled with various drawings and calligraphy, and moved our work to the dark room for projection mapping. This is because the light was well shielded and that room was suitable for using the projector.

And now only remaining task was to create a projection mapping. In this part, I could not help. Because, I did not know how to use the projection mapping program. So, I did something else that I could do that is continued drawing to make the map looks like fuller. And when other team members required something or need helps, I cooperated as much as possible.

After five o’clock, me and Hana still worked on projection mapping. Hana made three different types of projection mappings. Every time she made one projection mapping, she recorded it as an image and video. And she advised that in the future, when you submitted an assignment for another project, the video or image that recorded process of progression is useful.

She took other videos to attach to the outcome. She recorded for me that I draw train or something on the map. I should chance look at my video after the editing finished, it looked good.

After helping to record the video, I have seen the process of creating a projection mapping all the time. The mapping program seemed difficult to handle. There was also a problem with the program itself. The program is heavy, inconvenient and not easy to use.

Even in the middle of the work, the program was turned off alone. But Hana ended with a sincerity. I respect her because she made three different types of projection mapping within three hours. And she will do editing video that she recorded. On the other hand, I feel guilty because I am not helpful after Hana started making a projection mapping. I just can say “Cheer up, Way to go!”.

We leave studio around 7 pm. At the time nobody staying in the studio and sky becoming a dark blue. The time to go home was too late and we do not have energy to make a dinner. So, we went to a new Italian restaurant nearby and ate pasta and talking and came back to home.

Tomorrow, we will arrive in the morning and supplement to presentation and check the presentation can be finished within 10 min. A short but long project is coming to ends.


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