Day 5 – Presentation

Today was the last day of the group work and the day of the presentation. The presentation was from two o’clock, but we came to presentation practice from 10 o’clock.

After all of group members were arrived, we checked time limitation from our introduction, individual presentation, video to conclusion does not over 10 minutes. The result was perfect within 10 minutes. After calculating of time, we repeated the presentation practice three times and it was time for a lunch. I went to the school canteen and returned to the studio as quickly as possible. When I came back to studio we need to clean our table because our group working area became a critic place.

Critic started at two o’clock, but our group was the last. After listening to the other group’s presentation and having a break in the middle, it was finally time for the presentation of our group. We all went forward, connected the computer to the projector, started the introduction and gave a brief overview of the reasons for our selection of places and what we did. On my turn, I made the following announcement: I chose ‘Extension’ among the 12 words I assigned last time.



We typically think of observations as having been seen “with our own eyes,” but in science, observations can take many forms. We can make observations directly by seeing, feeling, hearing, and smelling, but we can also extend and refine our basic senses with tools: thermometers, microscopes, telescopes, radar, radiation sensors, X-ray crystallography, mass spectroscopy, etc.


I made a connection between ‘Extension’ and my observation. The below sentences is what I said in my presentation turn.


“My provocation was ‘Extension

‘Extension’ has various forms, not simply eyes observation. For me, the form of ‘Extension’ was understood as ‘drawing’.

I have expressed my interpretation of places based on my perception through drawing based on various materials and perspectives. I was able to observe various things in the station, and I Was able to observe the motion of people and materials over time, the place property that changes every second, the mixture of various senses and types of objects in the reverse whole.

This experience has given me to a chance to expend my sense and awareness, and I can see all of objects more intuitively, sensibly and in various perspectives.”


We showed our work in a one-minute video and talked about the conclusions what we learned throughout this project, and I think presentation was successful.


I think our group presentation was very successful and outcome was very high quality. So, our first project called ‘Hello world’ was finished successfully and our course prepared some snacks and beers but I cannot access there because I need to go International Foundation Course where I studied last year. Before I left studio I met all of group members and I said “Thank you for this project and everybody well done. See you next week”.

When I going to go Foundation Course studio with my friend. because my friend wonder about Foundation course student who why she choose this GSA foundation course is she looked at my blog and she chose here not another school. I also wonder about who is she. After I arrived IFP studio, I talk with IFP Tutor and new students of foundation course. And I will go exhibition that collaborated with China Art Uni and GSA. There art works were interesting. After walk around that exhibition,  I came back to my accommodation.


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